My Millennium Invention

By David

My millennium invention is called an automatic baseball bat. When you swing, you will automatically hit a home run. It is the size of a regular baseball bat. It does not break easily. It is good for people who do not really hit home runs. Even if you bunt, you will hit a home run. It costs $7.90. There are 2 buttons. 1 button starts it and 1 button stops it. You can buy it by telephone or you can buy it at any baseball store. When you buy it by telephone you will call 1-800-Baseball. It comes in red, pink, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple, black, turquoise, white, lime, neon yellow, neon green, neon red and yellow green. You can buy it in metal or wood. It also includes a baseball that has every color in the world. If you only want one color, tell us and we will give you the color you want. It knows how long the field is so it knows how long to hit the ball. It is the number I bat. Do not swing so hard. If you do then the ball goes crazy. You will still hit a home run but you may break something. The only way it will break is if lightning hits it. You can buy it with cork in it or you can by it without cork.